Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Saturday in Central Park (Cluj-Napoca)

Saturday I was a bit melancholic. I was listening "Nothing else matters", reflecting and watching how the sun goes down. It was that kind of autumn day when you don't want to be in the house. It was quite warm for a November day, so I made two sandwiches, I took my camera and I left the house, going to Central Park, to admire the "nature" and see what people were doing. Bellow are some pictures, quite many actually, but even though there are not master pieces, I really like them, because you can see the diversity of people, each of them with his/her stories and thoughts.
I love deversity and is great how a park can be the place where everyone can find a path.

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Geanina said...

Imi place aia cu hinta. Static si dinamic in acelasi cadru. Cei doi parca sunt statui, foarte linistiti, dusi pe ganduri, iar copilul de pe hinta da impresia ca se va izbi in ei din plin. e ca si cum ai prinde un bolovan care sta sa cada in capul unuia care habar n-are. :) Cam asta-i viata, in general.