Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bike trip in the evening

When the last youth from Europe Week left I was a little sad. At our center it was quite and that made me remember that I have less than one month from my EVS experience. I've got used with life in Holland, in Kruiningen and at Atlantic Bridge. Last evening I had the feeling that I haven't tasted enough from the region that I live in. So, I took my bike, my backpack and my camera and I started a longer trip. I biked almost 40 km in about three hours and I tried to feel and capture the Netherlands, in a way that I always want to remember. It was a great feeling and only darkness made me to come back home.

Europe Week, beach day

For ten days we organized at Atlantic Bridge a multilateral exchange with more than 40 youth from seven countries (Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Wales, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands). We prepared many interesting activities for them, sports, arts, trainings and other workshops and trips, thus we spent some time at De Banjaard, a really nice beach at the North Sea. The weather wasn't very good so we played few games that made the youth quite involved.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Tour de France and Tour de Kruiningen

Sunday was a historical day for Kruiningen. Tour the France passed our village, about 50 m from our center. Many people from different parts of the country came here to see the caravan. With an average speed of 50 km/h the group of cyclists gave me just few seconds for taking pictures, but the feeling was really nice. Was a great experience to see the phenomenon "Tour de France".

One day before, we had the "Tour de Kruiningen". It is an annual cycling competintion for local amateurs, when the village center is blocked for a race, when children and adults are competing in different rounds. I was too late unfortunately, thus I couldn't catch more actions.