Monday, 28 June 2010

Discovery Zeeland, part 3- Wind mills

Netherlands are famous for their wind-mills and almost every willage or town in Zeeland has at least one wind-mill. During the same exchange we went to Stavenisse where the miller opened the mill for us. The wind was blowing and we could see how it works.

Discovery Zeeland, part 2- Religion

In Zeeland religion is an important cultural aspect and the church unites and divides in the sametime the commnunities. On Tholen island you can see and understand these aspects much better. Sundays some people are going to churches two or three times, and women must wear skirts and hats during the religious service. Some families don't have television and Sunday is just a day for Bible studies and family moments, thus the towns and villages seem to be empty.

Discovery Zeeland

Last week we had an youth exchange with an Hungarian group. Most activities took part on the island of Tholen (Zeeland province), where we had a nice opportunity to discover how the Dutch land was created. Together with the group I participated to a trip through salty soil, grass and water, crossing ditches and swamps. These are some shots from that nice afternoon in Sint Annaland.